I own a flat in Barcelona!!

… And now how do I take care of it?

When you finally sign the purchase deeds at the notary a completely different adventure starts.

You have found your dream property and now you have to take care of it while living in another country and maybe not speaking Spanish fluently.

We are here to help you with everything you might need. Our wide range of post-sale services is called Peace of Mind and aims to offer you exactly that: tranquility that your property is well taken care of while you run your busy life in another country.

For all information about our services to property owners, we invite you to visit our dedicated website www.barcelonaowners.com.


Here is a list of the services we offer:

All types of refurbishments, including full renovations. Please visit the gallery to see our renovation projects.

Interior Design / Decoration (especially important if you are planning to rent out the flat or resell).

Any type of repairs.

Furnishing (you choose the furniture and we take care of everything else).

Preparation for rentals (if you decide to rent out the flat while you are not using it).

Medium term rental (3-11 months, no license needed, safest option for owner).

Changing the utility accounts.


Wi-fi installation.

Preparation for your stay, or your guests’ stay.

Representing you at the meeting of the community of owners.

…And much more! Our team of professionals is at your full disposal!

Please get in touch for more information and and any quote.