With the Personal Shopper service we take care of looking for the property for you. The difference is that real estate agencies are paid by the seller and therefore work for the seller while the Personal Shopper is paid by the buyer and works with his/her interest at heart. Why would you need such a service? There are several reasons that we list below.

Avoid additional stress...

(Much) Less Stress

In Spain, unlike in other countries, real estate agencies can only sell the properties they have in their own portfolios, or those of the agencies they collaborate with. Such collaborations are becoming fewer and fewer as the market picks up. This means that, to find the right property, you will have to contact several agencies. This can be challenging, as not all the realtor in Barcelona are registered, or able to deal properly with international clients. Many of our clients have come to us extremely frustrated by the low level of service they have received from some of these agencies.  This translates into longer times and a lot of stress, but also the possible loss of the right opportunity.

The Personal Shopper Service was set up to offer the Buyer the possibility of looking for a property across ALL the agencies in Barcelona, without any restrictions. This is something that no real estate agency can offer. We search for properties that match your search criteria, we do a first visit to potential flats, send you our feedback and then arrange and accompany you to viewings of properties you have short-listed. Once you have chosen a flat, we take care of the negotiations, and accompany you, step by step, through all the purchase process. To sum up: we take care of all the searching for you and make the process more enjoyable, relaxed, and time efficient.

Don't miss out on good opportunities!


The Barcelona property market is improving rapidly. It is a very good time to invest in a property here, but because of this, good properties sell extremely quickly. Especially central properties that cost less than 250,000€ and have potential. Classic properties with original features, such as hydraulic floors and Catalan ceilings, or flats with terraces, are hard to find and sell very quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours. It is essential to be able to move fast. Having a Personal Shopper on location who can point out good opportunities, visit the property quickly, send you feedback and help you secure the property with the required reservation, makes the difference between acquiring an excellent flat or losing it.

Believe us. We talk from experience!

Don't miss out on good opportunities!



We know the market, we know the areas, we know what one has to be careful about when visiting a property, we know the local laws and regulations.

We can arrange visits with our architects and/or builders to check that the property has no faults. We are able to advise you on the different types of properties according to your plans (personal use, renting, reselling).

We can make your life easier advising you on many aspects that you might not be aware of if you do not know the market and the local regulations well, or if you simply do not have enough time to search or know where to look yourself for information.



Ability to move quickly for fast-selling properties.


Access to all properties across all agencies.


Better communication with local agencies and property owners.


Knowledge of the market and of the local laws and regulations.


Ability to involve the right collaborator when needed (i.e. architects, rental agency, builders…)


Huge time savings.


Money savings (fewer trips to visit properties, faster timing).


Professional support throughout the whole purchase process.

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