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If you live outside the Euro Zone, the currency exchange rate may affect the purchase of your property in Barcelona quite considerably.

To buy a property in Spain you will have to open a local bank account and the money you use to pay for the property at the moment of the signature of the purchase deeds must come from the Spanish bank account.

Banks usually charge high fees to transfer your funds to Spain and they do not worry about applying the best exchange rate , making you waste a considerable amount of money.


The best way to save a lot on your money transfer and exchange is to work with a good currency exchange agency to avoid paying bank transfer fees and to make sure that the best exchange rate is applied to your currency movements. 

How will Article 50 affect Your choice to buy a property and/or live in Spain?

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Smart Guide to Brexit

We always associate with the best professionals on the market to help our clients with every aspect of their purchase process and property management.

Here you can find information about our partner, SMART CURRENCY EXCHANGE, leading currency exchange agency based in London.

The price of the property is not the only cost you have when you invest in a flat: wouldn’t it be great to be able to have extra money to spend on the decoration of your flat instead of leaving it to the banks?

Check how Smart Currency Exchange can help you save thousands on the purchase of your property!


Why do we partner with Smart Currency Exchange?

These are the main reasons why we believe Smart Currency Exchange can benefit international clients who invest in Barcelona:

Totally free service with no commission or charges for transfers over £3,000

Free, no-obligation account with direct access to your own dedicated trader

4% more for your money than using the banks, meaning that you can save thousands

Traders and Sales Team are not paid on commission. This is very important because it means that they will not chase you with many calls to pressure you, and all the savings are passed on to you

Voted No 1 on Trustpilot for Currency Exchange & Money Transfer

Local representative in Barcelona, you will be able to meet in person when you are in the city to visit properties

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