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Fourteen Global Services 

Fourteen Global Services was founded by Daniela Gnecchi and Stephane Gresoviac, two expatriates (Italian and French) now living in Barcelona.

Whilst still living and working in London, we purchased a small flat in Barcelona, thus experiencing all the challenges that foreign buyers have to face when investing in the Catalan city.

After having bought the flat in Barcelona ourselves and now having several years experience working in the property market and associated areas in Barcelona, we understand the difficulties foreign buyers may face during the process. We now put that experience to work for other foreigners who want to invest in Barcelona real estate.

Because of our personal knowledge of the sector and the professional skills and relationships developed in the Barcelona market, we are able to provide a wide range of services to clients from all countries and with varying requirements, budgets and expectations.

Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality at the best possible prices.

Fourteen Global Services S.L. is a company registered in Spain.  The company operates the  Peace of Mind and “Barcelona Buyers” services.

Services to Barcelona Property Buyers

Barcelona Buyers

We provide different levels of support to help our clients find the perfect property. Whether that property is for your personal use, for a buy-to-let investment, for resale, or for long term investment, we can help. We can assist you throughout the whole process – selection of properties, arranging appointments, accompanying you to viewings, introducing you to legal/financial advisers – or just help you with a few steps.

The Barcelona market is not easy to understand and there are many details, both small and large, that may escape your attention if you are not fully aware of the different laws and regulations.  Having the right kind of support and local knowledge will save you considerable time and money, help you avoid some of the pitfalls and may also provide opportunities which you may not be aware of as a foreign buyer.

Contact us to see how we can help you in your investment.

Barcelona Owners

Once you are the owner of a property in Barcelona, the work is not finished…

There are countless activities you may need help with, from installing the wi-fi, minor repairs or repainting, to changing the layout of the property, or even refurbishing it completely. You may need someone to represent you at the meeting of the community of owners, or someone trustworthy who has a copy of your keys in case there is a leak in the building and the administrator needs to access your property. Or maybe you are thinking to renting out your property while you are not using it… Or you just need the flat cleaned before your next visit, and you would like to find some drinks in your fridge? And we are sure you can think about much, much more we can help you with!

One thing is certain: when you have a home in another country you need Peace of Mind.

This is what we offer you. Contact us to know more.

The Founders

Services to Barcelona Property Buyers

Daniela Gnecchi

Born in Milan, with a degree in Marketing from the university L. Bocconi Business School for Economics, Daniela worked for several years in marketing and customer services in large international companies in Milan, Italy.

In 2006 she moved to London with nothing more than a suitcase and two weeks rental on a tiny flat. She ended up spending six years in the city, working for various companies, including the Saatchi & Saatchi Group and for international market research enterprises, where she managed client accounts for Sony, Panasonic, Johnson & Johnson, Philips and more.

After moving to Barcelona, Daniela decided to turn her passion for real estate into a profession and trained to become a professional real estate agent. Daniela now has several years of experience in the sector and her specialty is to assist international clients at all levels of their investment process in Barcelona. This includes arranging/coordinating all the steps that are involved to ensure that the purchase proceeds smoothly and with the fullest client satisfaction level.

Daniela speaks Italian, English, Spanish, and German.


Stephan Gresoviac

Stephan is a true autodidact and real citizen of the world. Born in France, he grew up in Africa. In parallel to high school, he trained to the highest level of tennis.

He returned to Europe for a couple of years of college studies before setting for the US with little more than a handful of dollars in his pocket and a suitcase.

He attended successfully the University of Oklahoma (where he also pitched for the Sooners in baseball) and the University of California. At only 26, he could list among his titles a PhD in Medical Biology, the recognition for outstanding achievements from UCDavis and the city of Sacramento.

He later headed research units full time for the University of Arizona including its hospital.

In 2002, Stephan moved back to France where he built his own company in innovative stem cell biotechnologies. On his first year of opening, he was rewarded with the trophies for the best company creation and best commercial performance in the country. He later transferred his competence and experience to the pharmaceutical market research worldwide.

In 2008 Stephan moved to London and joined a larger corporation for which he took management of several countries (such as UK, Ireland, Germany, Japan, and France) and eventually confirmed his success as international COO.

In Barcelona, Stephan founded Fourteen Global Services. His outstanding business background and skills make him the best person to provide financial decision to real estate investors, and his organizational skills allow him to manage all the challenges of any projects provided to our clients from the smallest ones to the largest renovations….

Stephan speaks French, English and Spanish.

Aicat Number A11222


Fourteen Global Services S.L. is a registered member of API, the association of real estate agents in Catalunya. This quality trademark confirms that the company has the skills and legal requirements / certification necessary to work in the real estate sector in the region.

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